Alex Turok's Web Page

This is me

I am a manager and programmer easily found in Moscow, Russia.

Till April 2018 I worked as a team lead in a wonderful company - Acumatica, the Cloud ERP, heading the team that develops financial modules. In addition to doing C# .NET development at my job, I also worked with other languages such as C, Python, Java, JavaScript (browser and node.js) and Clojure.

I also led development of - work organization service for lawyers and consultants - and Noqus - a service that lets restaurants build a chatbot to communicate with their customers.

Most of my interests reside somewhere between software development and management. Some of my thoughts on these topics (and beyond them) can be found in my blog and in the @PerfectManager Telegram channel and Facebook page (in Russian).

I graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (CAD/CAM/PLM department) in 2013.

The thoughts and ideas, which I express here and in my blog, might considerably differ from those of my employer. To avoid confusions one shouldn't take any of my words as characteristic of my employer's or chief's opinion.