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Alexander Turok

Alexander Turok

Male, 1989-07-12

Moscow, Russia


As a manager in a software company I pursue the goal of building a self-sustaining team that plays strongly towards organization's objectives, produces a superior product and delivers outstanding service to customers. To achieve this I:

  • Make sure that the goals of the team are clear to all its members
  • Establish processes that support our efforts and help deliver on time and with high quality
  • Use feedback and coaching to encourage effective behavior, help directs grow professionaly and ensure their efficiency
  • Help successful changes propagate beyond my team
  • Invest into strong relationships with my directs, peers and bosses to facilitate efficient collaboration
  • Foster leadership and followship and encourage constant learning and expertise exchange in the team to make it strong and resilient
  • Participate in the development work to be in sync with the team and contribute to its success in different ways

Job experience

6 years+ (3 years in Developer positions, 3 years+ in Team Lead / Manager position)

(November 2014 - April 2018) Team Lead, Financials at Acumatica

  • Short- and mid- term planning
  • Team management (up to 12 directs, cross-functional - developers, analysts, QA automation engineers)
  • Facilitating staff expertise growth
  • Internal processes improvement
  • New features development (Acumatica Framework, C# .NET)
  • Defects analysis and fixing
  • Handling incoming support requests
  • Coordinating cross-team activities


  • Developed several features for the Financial modules of our application in areas like Accounts Receivable and Revenue Recognition
  • Established the Watch process in the development team, whereby every week one developer is responsible for handling of incoming support requests. This helped developers further learn the product as well as exchange expertise, decreased our response time for tickets
  • Introduced regular one-on-one discussions with team-mates to track their progress, assist their development and ensure that they have time and place to voice their ideas and concerns
  • Introduced and participated in building up the internal developer knowledge base to store how-to articles explaining solutions to common development problems
  • Played a role at introducing more careful planning with sprints in our company
  • Hired a couple new members to the team and developed onboarding routines

(July 2013 - November 2014, 1 year 5 months) Application developer, OEM team / Financials at Acumatica

  • New features development (Acumatica Framework, C# .NET)
  • Defects analysis and fixing
  • Performance optimization
  • Occasionally conducting trainings
  • Providing support for developers of partner companies


  • Developed several features of the application in such areas as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and other
  • Fixed a wide range of bugs across Financial and Distribution modules of the system
  • Conducted our development training twice for partner developers
  • Established proper interactions with the foreign development office of our big OEM partner and ensured that whenever their developers face problems or questions around our product, they get appropriate help

(May 2012 – March 2013, 11 months) Part-time developer at LANIT (group of companies) – CAD/CAM/PLM department

Project: reporting extensions for the Siemens Teamcenter PLM systemI was mainly working on a set of tools for producing reports from Teamcenter data. This involved creating Teamcenter plugin, integrating it with JasperReports reporting engine and developing data preprocessing application


  • Determining requirements based on information from customers, Teamcenter objects export format and available reporting engines capabilities
  • Designing general application structure
  • Developing data retrieval and preprocessing components in Java
  • Developing GUI components for accessing application from Teamcenter (using Java awt and swing toolkit as well as Teamcenter API)
  • Creating report templates in iReport designer

Workflow involved using such tools as:

  • Mercurial source control system
  • Junit and jmock testing frameworks
  • Apache Ant automated build system
  • Eclipse IDE


  • Studied Siemens Teamcenter PLM Java API with limited external help
  • Developed a standalone application capable of analyzing the structure of the data exported from TeamCenter to produce template data used to design reports in the iReports designer
  • Developed an add-on to Teamcenter that integrated with the JasperReports engine and supplied it with well structured data to produce reports
  • Due to the lack of external testing introduced unit-tests for the project
  • Introduced the small developers team to the Mercurial source control system

(July 2011 – February 2012, 8 months) Freelancer developer of applications for Siemens NX 7.5 CAD/CAM system at LANIT (group of companies) – CAD/CAM/PLM department


  • Developing applications to automate certain tasks performed in a CAD/CAM system
  • Designing applications according to requirements obtained from managers and technical specialists
  • Writing application code mainly in C and C++, consuming NX C and C++ APIs
  • Creating GUI components using NX built-in tools.

Workflow involved using such tools as:

  • Mercurial revision control system
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010 IDEs


  • Studied the Siemens NX C and C++ programming APIs with limited external help
  • Developed several add-ons for Siemens NX from the beginning to the end to see them adopted at Russian organizations that design and build aircraft

Accomplishments outside the jobs

  • Designed architecture and organized development and deployment of - work organization service for lawyers and consultants (2018)
  • Designed the product and architecture, organized development and deployment of - a system that permits creating chat-bots for restaurants (2018)
  • Developed and published 3 Windows Phone applications (2014)
  • Together with a friend developed a WPF-based POS application to maintain customers, stock items and sales data in a small apparel shop (2014)
  • Set up and maintained a personal blog writing on software development, management and other topics for more than 4 years
  • Running a Telegram channel and Facebook page devoted to posts on management (@PerfectManager)
  • Tried doing a podcast on various development questions together with a friend for almost a year



Bauman Moscow State Technical University

CAD/CAM/PLM department - 2007/2013 (Engineer/Specialist)

Software development courses

  1. Developing Windows Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (M10262)
  2. Developing Windows Communication Foundation Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (M10263)
  3. Developing Data Access Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (M10265)

Software development examinations

  1. TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – August 2012 (Microsoft 70-511)
  2. Programming in C# Specialist – March 2013 (Microsoft 70-483)

Free online courses

  1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng (pre-Coursera) (fall 2011)
  2. Udacity ST101 – Intro to Statistics (summer 2012)
  3. Udacity CS258 – Software Testing (summer 2012)
  4. Udacity CS373 – Programming a Robotic Car (AI) (spring 2012)
  5. Coursera - Northwestern University - High Performance Collaboration (fall 2016)
  6. Coursera - UCI - Budgeting and Scheduling Projects (fall 2016)
  7. Coursera - UCI - Managing Project Risks and Changes (fall 2016)


  1. Team and project management:
    • Planning for myself and for the team
    • Facilitating execution of plans
    • Establishing infrastructure to ensure proper work process and backlog management
    • Coordinating project activities and participants
    • Providing assistance to team members
    • Providing timely feedback
    • Maintaining proper and regular communication with directs
    • Guiding professional growth of the directs
  2. Interviewing
  3. Coding
  4. Defects analysis including data consistency and performance issues in a C#/Clojure/NodeJS application backed by a MSSQL / MySQL database
  5. Code review
  6. Unit testing
  7. Confident writing
  8. Conducting trainings for developers (in-person)


  1. Programming languages:
    • C# in the context of Acumatica Framework, WCF, WPF, Windows Phone 8, ASP.NET MVC
    • T-SQL and MySQL for Acumatica application functionality, upgrade scripts and defects analysis, including performance issues
    • Clojure and ClojureScript - and personal projects
    • Node.js + JavaScript with React - for
    • Java with Siemens Teamcenter API
    • Python mainly in the context of university tasks and small personal projects
  2. Microsoft Testing Framework, NUnit, NMock
  3. JUnit and JMock
  4. Bits of gtest and gmock for C++
  5. MSBuild, Ant (minor tuning of projects) and even tiny bits of make
  6. git, Mercurial and TFS source control systems
  7. Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs
  8. MS SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres SQL
  9. MongoDB (not high load) for
  10. Basic tasks with CouchDB
  11. RabbitMQ for inter-service messaging (
  12. Pen and paper for progress tracking and thinking


  1. Russian - native
  2. English - advanced (IELTS 8.5/9 back in 2013)


  1. All aspects of software development
  2. Efficiency and productivity
  3. Management
  4. Blogging as a way to think and share experience